E-cigarettes and Vaporizers: The Modern Smoker’s Equipment!

Since technology is advancing on a great scale, things which we used on a daily basis are all getting an alternative. The radio, mp3 player, camera, alarm, letters, clock, calendar are all now packed into a single device which we call as smartphones. In the same way, the traditional paper rolled cigarettes which were on the lips of our smokers are also having a substitute known as E-cigarettes and Vaporizers. They use a fluid called eliquid instead of thousands of chemical which were used in the traditional ones and are way safer.

Let’s dig deeper into the topic.

  1. A Guide to E-Liquid and its Various Constituents:

E-liquid is basically a fluid which is utilized in electronic cigarettes or vaporizers to produce Vapor. This liquid is available in different flavors and nicotine levels. The eliquid is also called ‘ejuice’ or ‘Vape juice’.The device functions by atomizing the fluid into vapor which is finally inhaled by the user. The device is fitted with a state-of-the-art micro-electronic technology, a cartridge or tank to store the liquid, and a lithium battery to power the device. The liquids employed in these devices are prepared of mainly five ingredients that are of low-risk to human beings:eliquid

  • Vegetable Glycerin : This component is usually abbreviated as ‘VG’ and is a common ingredient to a variety of products which we use daily such as food, medications, cosmetics, beauty products, pet food, body creams. Chemically, it’s a dense liquid which can retain moisture (water).
  • Propylene Glycol: Another major ingredient with a little sweet taste and no odor. Its abbreviated as ‘VG’ and is an organic liquid which is also a major component in variety of products like food, medications, cosmetics, Asthma Inhalers and even toothpastes. Chemically, it’s a liquid which is viscous.
  • Flavoring: The usual food flavorings available in our kitchen which offers great taste.
  • Nicotine: Nicotine is a strong stimulant which causes the smoker to have a strong attachment towards smoking habits. However, the levels of nicotine present in the Vape juice completely depends on the user. The user can purchase the liquid with nicotine levels of 0 to higher amounts.
  • Water: Distilled water is used for diluting the Vape juice.
  1. Best Amounts of VG and PG:

For a great vaping experience, there are certain requirements in the levels or ratio of VG and PG, present in the Vape juice. Many people have their own ratio based on personal preference. The general ratio for the perfect experience of flavor, throat hit and vapor is 50:50(VG:PG).This ratio is also recommended to people who had issues of throat irritation and other side effects caused from vaping. There is also a different kind of vaping in which large amounts of vapor are produced and it’s known as ‘subohm vaping’. The ratio for this vaping is no less than 70:30(VG:PG).

III. The boon of Vaping over Smoking:

The electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are catching wide attention and people are getting rid of traditional cigarettes which contain 1000s of chemicals in which, many of them are known to cause serious cancers in the human body. There are many benefits of vaping over smoking. Few of them are discussed below:

  • In terms of pricing, electronic cigarettes or vaporizers cost less than tobacco cigarettes in the long run.
  • Since vaping isn’t associated with any flame or ashes, they don’t require any lighters or matchsticks for beginning or any ashtrays for ending (disposing the ashes or the entire burned cigarette).
  • Since vaping is associated with vapor and not smoke, people can get rid of bad and disgusting smell from their clothes, hair, fingers, breath, etc.
  • At various places where smoking is prohibited, vaping is given permission as they don’t have any smoke and don’t cause accidental fires.
  • Through vaping, users can avoid the use of nicotine which is impossible in the case of tobacco cigarettes.