Can Dogs Eat Cheese?


The best and the intimate friend of human beings other than humans are the dogs. Most of the people feel happier, comfortable and crazy with their pet dog. They love to make this pet as their family member. Give him proper care, feed their dog like a prince and play with him like a best friend. So what you should do if your best friend wants to eat cheese is it healthier for him to eat cheese. Let’s explore the answer to this question that can dogs eat cheese


Most of the time people feel hesitation and don’t want to give cheese to their pet. But research suggests that we can give cheese to the dog for eating as it contains vitamin A and vitamin C plus the large source of protein. But one thing that needs to consider is the quantity of cheese that you are going him to eat must be low. You cannot give him cheese as regular food but to give him as a random basis.


When we cannot give him cheese to Eat

Here we will discuss two situations where we cannot give him cheese to eat. Let’s start to discuss the situation 1 first;


  • Situation 1

As we said above, we can give him cheese to eat on a random basis, but sometimes we are not giving permission to give him even a little piece of cheese. But when we cannot give him cheese then the answer the phase or the period when your dog is unable to produce lactase that is necessary for the digestion. In this scenario, you cannot give your best buddy even a small chunk of cheese. Otherwise, if everything is going good and your pet is healthy enough, then you can give him cheese to change their taste bud.


  • Situation 2

Now come to the second situation where we cannot give cheese for eating. This is the situation when your pet is facing the problem of obesity. In this problem, it’s better to stay away from those kinds of things to eat that having the chances of gaining weight. So in this scenario, if you are giving your dog cheese to eat then there are chances to put weight. As we know, cheese contains fat content that is not suitable to give for the pet that is already overweight.


Effects of taking cheese on Dog Health

Here we will discuss the effects of taking cheese on dog health;



                Health Problems

If you are giving your dog cheese in larger quantity, then there is a higher chance that your pet will face numerous health problems. Health problems like diarrhea, vomiting and constipation.



              Lactose Intolerant

Some dogs are lactose intolerant and unable to produce the enough quantity of lactose hormone. If you will give cheese to these dogs, then there is the problem of digestion and your dog become weaker and fatal.