7 Common Side Effects of Vilazodone

Do you want to treat your depression phase? Want to improve your mood, sleep, appetite, energy level and your interest? Then you should give a try to the Vilazodone? The main purpose of this medicine is to restore the balance of certain natural substances that is normally found in the brain. Apart from all these benefits, Viibryd offers some side effects. Read on to find COMMON SIDE EFFECTS OF VIIBRYD.

viibryd side effects


Nausea and diarrhea;

If you are taking viibryd as an oral tablet, then you may have to face some common side effects. For example, nausea and diarrhea. Additionally, this medicine is also responsible for the weakness, joint pains, restlessness, vomiting, dizziness, and insomnia.

Minor symptoms of Viibryd;

Apart from the symptoms mentioned above this medicine also responsible for the minor symptoms like restlessness and dry mouth. If you face these both irregular condition, then you should consult with the doctor to work well. Some other minor symptoms of Viibryd are; abdominal pain, creeping feeling in the legs, stomach acidity, hiccupping, tasteless food, less vision, nervousness, dry eyes, and lethargy.

Night sweating;

Viibryd is also responsible for the night sweating and indigestion, but on the other hand, your appetite level becomes decreased.

Weight gain;

When you intake viibryd, you may have to face the weight gain issue. You can gain the weight 0.35 to 1.3-pound easily. If you are taking viibryd on a regular basis with the doctor consultation, then you will not face any serious condition. Once you stop taking Viibryd suddenly, you may have to face the serious consequences, for example, Sweating, Headache, nausea, mood swings, irritation, anxiety, confusion, and tremor.

Is it good to go FOR VIIBRYD or not?

Well, when it comes to the side effects of VIIBRYD, you shouldn’t use it. It can make you yellowed, or you have to face the problem of bleeding. If you are already suffering from the kidney problems, liver problem, convulsions, mania, a bleeding problem, then you should consult your doctor before using viibryd. In the pregnant condition, you shouldn’t start viibryd before consulting your doctor.

Effects the Brain functionality;

This medicine makes it difficult for you to concentrate on important things and remember important information. First, you might think this-this is a very small thing to do, but if “intellectuality matters to you, then it may create a problem for you. However, this medicine also effects on your safety. For instance, it makes you enable to drive properly and makes you feel that you are only riding the car on the road. If you are used to driving the cars on main roads, then this medicine is dangerous for you and ill not recommend you to take this drugs. Anxiety treatment is much safer in that case.

Feelings/ Mood swings;

Once you start taking this pill, you may feel that your mood swings change too much. If you are using this medicine for a long time, you may feel chronically depression. You will feel both sad and happy feelings together.


When it comes to the VIIBRYD outcomes, you shouldn’t use it before knowing its side effects of viibryd over the body; one must not drive. During its usage, you are not permitted to go for heavy and dangerous activities like operation. Because they may worsen the condition.

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