Three Historical Methods of Detecting Pregnancy


These tests are very much easier one and are based on the level of hormones present in your urine high level will indicate the sign of being pregnant or not. These hormones are released soon after the fertilization of egg with sperm. These are used widely from long time the only negative point about them is the time they took is sometimes longer depending upon the nature of tests. But those tests that were present before the time of the periods by checking levels of hormones previously, tests done at home are not always true all times. Large number of different tests are performed depending upon the time in homemade pregnancy need some of them are:

  1. Egyptian method:
  2. This test is probably the most ancient one and is used widely in Egypt. In this test for some specific period of time women urinate on the seeds of barely or wheat. If the seeds sprout it will be an indication of baby girl or boy. And if the seed is not sprouted then it will show that women are not pregnant. This test has authenticity that it will be having the correct result and it is tested in labs and Egyptian has a lot of knowledge about these homemade pregnancy test.
  3. It is done that mashed dates and beer mixture is spread over the floor and women is supposed to sit on it and times she vomits while sitting here is noted. If the number exceeded, than it is said that she is pregnant, while if not then women are not pregnant. The reason of vomiting is explained that it is due to order of these things and it will show up the early symptoms of pregnancy.for more visit
  4. Greek method:

Greek has lots of knowledge about the composition of the body and effects of different things on are said that these people suggest putting the bulb like vegetable that must have a strong smell into the vagina for the whole night. In the morning if she felt any smell in her breath, it will indicate that she is not pregnant. It has some science in it too that is deep and authentic one.

  1. Gospel method:

In this test, urine is stored for a few hours in the basin and latch leaves are also installed in it for some time. After some time or 4-5 hours,  drain the urine and see impression of this leave on basin if impression is present, than it is said that she is pregnant otherwise not.

Every country has its own homemade pregnancy test depending upon the nature of the people or on the usage of different items in that area. In short, these tests are authentic because its validity is checked in the laboratories which show that these things are widely used all over the world and give true results mostly. They are easily available thus can be used easily at any time in order to check about the result.if you want to get more information about pregnancy tests then you need to read this article homemade pregnancy test by

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