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Symptoms and treatment of anorexia nervosa – a modern approach

anorexia nervosa

Anorexia Nervosa In an effort to achieve your ideal weight, look more attractive and enjoy the attention from the antithesis of sex girls are sometimes unjustified victim sitting on a strict diet, physical activity themselves harassed and fasts. Such actions can cause terrible harm, cause hormonal disorders, fainting, nervous disorders, one of which is anorexia. So today we will talk about the ... Read More »

Rating of the most dangerous diets to health


International scientists have named the top 5 most dangerous diets on the planet, the observance of which causes great harm to human health. In the fight against overweight people often turn to different types of diets and even to the intervention of the surgeon, not thinking about the consequences for your body. Unbalanced and also incorrect diet, usually lead to the ... Read More »

Healthy food for a sweet teeth

healthy teeth

The basis of a healthy lifestyle is proper nutrition. Going on a proper diet solves many problems with health, appearance and well-being. Unfortunately, many people associate a healthy diet with eating tasteless, but useful products. In fact, a healthy diet and can be delicious, and even a sweet tooth will not have to change their habits and indulge in delicious.   One of the ... Read More »

How to combine family and diet

family diet

Diet – the most effective and popular means for relief of excess weight and gaining a slim figure. Hardest dieting given housewives who daily have to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole family. Very difficult to keep under strict diet if you smell first alluring scents in the cooking process, and then look at how it all households eat ... Read More »

importance of Diet


Diets We all know that diet for fitness classes is very important. It’s one of the exemplary models of how to eat. Since fitness – it is power and sometimes very active exercise, the body requires more calories and micronutrients. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the following products: seafood (boiled or steamed) fruit (better to give preference citrus species) meat (chicken, turkey, beef) ... Read More »

History of fitness


Today we often hear the word fitness, what it stands for? In the English translation of fitness – to lead an active lifestyle or, more simply, be in shape. Fitness – it’s a lifestyle that helps maintain both physical and spiritual condition in excellent condition. But let’s go back to the origins of this style. fitness history dates back to ancient times, as in ancient ... Read More »